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 Tribute to Fred Stoll
-May 1, 2017

 Our God is Great!
-Februrary 9, 2015

 No Time For Trivialities
-May 18, 2014

 Theologians Deny Doctrine
-May 10, 2014

 Kenya Report
-July 2, 2012

 The Presidents Perspective
-January 30, 2012

 Ministry Update
-March 14, 2011

 Ministry Update
-November 29, 2010

 The Faith & Freedom Institute
-Join us!

 Crystal River Camp Meeting
-The Kistler Report

 In You Alone (CD)
-New CD now available online. Order yours today!

 America’s Spiritual Heritage Week
-The Presidents Perspective

 Prophetic Study Worksheets
-Now available online!

 2008 Cruise Report
-Five Reconciled with God

 St. Vincent Slideshow
-Now available online!

 H.O.P.E. Supporters Assists Troops
-Merrick and Becki Buffaloe...see Page 13a Garner Citizen News & Times

 A Tribute to Pastor Philip Vos
-Pastor Vos Will be deeply missed...additional info may be found at

.....I have been serving at my church here in CA for  the  past year.  It has been an  amazing  experience  and I have learned a  lot  over  the past 12 months.  Lately,  I  have  been taking some time to reflect  on my past and the choices  I  have  made  that have led me to  where  I  am  today.  As I look back over my teen years, one of the first people  I  think  of  that  has made a difference  in  my  life, is you Dave. I wanted to  take  a moment to say  thank  you  for  your  impact  on my life. Some of the most  important decisions of my life  were made after messages  that  you  ......continued

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