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     The H.O.P.E. Ministries Tent Division began as God provided the tent in May of 2000. Seating  approximately  2000, it exceeds the capacity of many church buildings. We  feel  that  the  tent  atmosphere transcends church and denominational “barriers” that we often find ourselves in.  It helps us mentally  breakout  of  our daily routines as well as our Sunday “rituals”. It’s a place  where  both  the  poor  and  rich are presented on equal terms. Make no mistake;  this  by  no  means is a replacement for the local church, but  rather  a  supplement  to  it,  a catalyst for revival.
     Our goal is to facilitate two dozen  revival  meetings  all  over  the  United  States each year through the working of the Holy Spirit in willing pastors. H.O.P.E. provides local pastors with the tent, and provides guidance on everything from obtaining temporary structure and zoning permits, when necessary, to locating property for the tent site.

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          Changed Lives.....
“....when I left my home state to come to Washington DC on business, I left with the hope of never returning to my home state. state. I tried to take care of those things, back  home,  that one would take care of if he was intent on this being the final week of his life. I was tired of all the stress,  confusion  and  fear;  I  could  put  myself,  here  in  Washington  DC, in any dangerous circumstance possible and hope for the worst! I can now see the  Devil’s  hand in all of this thinking. Imagine the odds alone of the hotel I am staying at.  On  any  floor  above the third floor, the windows are sealed. I found myself though, as an occupant of a room on the tenth  floor with a window that was not only unsealed but the latch on the window would not close  and  out of this window is a good six foot ledge. I arrived Sunday and soon after checking into  my  room  I  found  myself  sitting out on that ledge, just wanting to step out over the  edge  and  end it all. Then Sunday evening I went for a walk...and  found  the  H.O.P.E. tent. I loved the music and at the time the  Daybreak  Quartet  was  singing...I  kept having to stop myself from crying I was so  touched  by  how  God had placed you here at this time. And last night, Monday night, I returned. I kept listening to the songs and to the message about how great heaven is going to be.  And  how  there  is going to be no more pain and no more tears, you have no idea what God has done in my life and how he has changed my life.”

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