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The President’s

  Miami 2012
  America’s Spiritual Heritage Week
  Our Christian Nation
  Where We’ve Been
  Pressing for the Prize
  Headed West
  A Spirit of Humility
  No Greater Love
  Expelled - A Must See!
  Every Night At Nine
  Report: St. Vincent
  VISION: St. Vincent
  Bethel Colony - 59 Years of Service
  Setting Up A Standard
  Greatly Used of God
  Gifted for Service
  Death by Maintenance
  A Memorable Month of Ministry
  It’s Time to Arise
  Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
  What’s the Motivation?
  Soulforce Riders
  Who? Me? How Could God Use Me?
  A Good Dose of Praise
  Racing to Give HOPE
  Freedom of Choice
  Report from the UK
  Men, Means and Methods
  Lest We Forget 9-11
  In Season & Out
  Middle East Meltdown
  Forever Grateful for Freedom
  The Miracle of Birth
  Easter People in a Good Friday World
  When No News Makes News
  The Power of the Gospel
  2006 Kick-off in Miami
  When God Gives Up
  Men With A Mission 2005 in Review
  Why Not Light A Candle?
  Counting down to Men With A Mission
  A Glance from the Gulf
  The Church’s Finest Hour
  Men With A Mission
  Headed West
  Noble and Selfless Cause
  Summer Update
  The President’s Choice
  Righteous Choices
  The Land of Opportunity
  No Virtue In Ignorance
  What is Missions?
  The Pentagon Report
  Supply and Demand
  True Greatness
  Responsibility of Freedom
  Standing Next to History
  Fruit from “For Freadom’s Dream”
  “For Freadom’s Dream” is Released
  A Milestone for the Kistlers
  For the Gospel’s Sake
  Commitment is Key
  Competition vs Cooperation
  In the Right Place at the Right Time
  Battle for the Ten Commandments
  Playing Your Position
  In Pursuit of Balance
  Freedom’s Advance
  Tradition vs Change
  Selfless Service
MP3 Audio
   Advent of the Anti-Christ
   Anti-Christ His Rise Resistance and
   Attitude is Everything
   Attitude of Gratitude
   Complimented by Christ
   Consider the Cross
   Dealing with Differences
   Eternal Life - How to Know It’s Yours
   Examine Yourselves
   Giving Living
   Having the Mind of Christ
   How to Stop What God Starts
   Knowing God
   Life is a Stewardship
   Our Great Enemy
   Plea for Passion
   Poisoned by Bitterness
   Salvation Illustrated
   Secret of Submission
   Symptoms of the Second Coming
   Taming the Tongue
   The Greatness of His Grace
   The Horror of Hell
   The Judgment Seat of Christ
   The Master’s Mission
   The Master’s Motivation
   The Time of Your Life
   Three Unchangeable Laws of the
   When God Is Silent
   Why Now

Periodic Newsletter
   January 2008
   March 2007
   November 2006
   January 2006
   May 2005

The Kistler Report
   Crystal River Camp Meeting
   Pennsylvania and Virginia Update
   SHINE '09 Youth Rally Update

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