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     As a student of the scriptures and of the history of this great land, I am deeply burdened to do all that I can to reach America’s cities with the  life-changing  Gospel  of  Jesus Christ. God has clearly given me a vision and burden of the absolute necessity of revival in America.
     H.O.P.E Ministries International was born out of that burden.  It  is our commitment, through the ministry of citywide crusadesand area  wide  men’s  conferences  to  help  re-establish  the  landmarks  of old. As God led Nehemiah, may He also lead us to once again encircle our land with Biblical truth and the knowledge of Christ’s saving grace, that together, in His power, we may once again see revival throughout our land.
     John Adams out of a deep concern for his sons’ spiritural well-being, wrote to his wife Abigail, "Let them revere nothing but religion, morality and liberty." Because the family is the cornerstone of society, and the integrity  of  society  is  dependent  entirely  upon  what  concepts  of  religion, morality and liberty are woven into the hearts  and  minds  of  our nation’s families, we, (my wife Betsy and our three children, Rachael, Nathan and Hannah) as a family share the burden to do all we can to re-instill Biblical  concepts  in  hearts  and  lives.  Only  when  God’s  truth  is preached powerfully from the pulpit, and practiced sincerely in the home, can the foundations be re-established and walls of this nation truly be rebuilt.

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